Meet Hilary Horn

I have been a photographer for the greater portion of my life. Photography has taken me to over 30 countries and all over the US, which has continued to help spark my curiosity for people and culture. Every face and environment tells a unique story and it’s my honor to express this. I also create graphic design and branding development – helping share stories of others through a creative medium to help express who they are as an organization or business.

I believe design and art is a tool to move people into action and inspire an emotion that may be hidden or hard to express with words. I want to unveil these things.

I am a mama of 2 young tenacious boys, Ephraim & Abram. I married a really handsome Pastor, Trevor and together we try and live our best to serve humanity in the ways of Jesus. We currently live in the hub of north Seattle. 

Subscribe to my Journal if you want to partake in watching this journey and the things that inspire me. It’s a collection of photography, design, web creation, stories and often a few random things that dance in my head and I have to get them out.  Contact me if you’d like to set up an appointment where I can get the opportunity to capture your life adventure. Because that’s still my absolute favorite thing to do: capture stories in creative mediums. So wherever the arrow points us, come be a part of this journey.