Valentines Day Mini Session at Hello Cupcake!

Tacoma, WA

On February 15 take your Valentine out for a sweet treat and a mini photo session!

SESSION DETAILS: 20 minute session for Couples & Families / 2 photographers / 20-30 images / Next Day Delivery / 12-4PM Time Slots / Where: Hello Cupcake / Cost:$125

To book a session, contact Hilary at or fill out a contact form here.

This is a PERFECT gift to surprise your valentine or for an adorable children’s shoot!  Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity!

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Little Will

Tacoma, WA

Toddlers are hard to keep still, but they sure do love to play. Little William was great at sitting still for a few moments, but curiosity always sets in. I think his favorite was jumping around the cushioned chair and running around with his doting family inches behind waiting for their reactions. I love seeing the joy in children as they play and the curiosity that comes from their daily discovery of life.

toddlerportraits_family_jack_3 toddlerportraits_family_jack_4 toddlerportraits_family_jack_5 toddlerportraits_family_jack_6 toddlerportraits_family_jack_7 toddlerportraits_family_jack_8 toddlerportraits_family_jack_9 toddlerportraits_family_jack_10 toddlerportraits_family_jack_11

Johnson Family

Fircrest, WA

These guys are just the cutest. Unless your a mom, I don’t think you often understand the ordeal that goes into getting your family portrait done. Just to get kids dressed a lone, can be a tough job! Then the process of getting all kids to smile at the same time with out fighting or someone bursting into tears because their brother decided to squeeze their hand as hard as they could. Family photos can be  tough business.

But these guys were champions.

I had a lot of laughs going through these photos. The way kids smile or attempts to grin as big as they can, can be so hilarious and the Johnson bunch are adorable! I hope if you’re a mom, you can take joy in these. You know the process. You may be cringing to think of doing it with your own family. But at then end of the day, the photos and memories make everything worth it.
johnson2 johnson3 johnson4 johnson5 johnson6

Olson Maternity Session

Tacoma, WA

Lindsay and Ture are proud soon-to-be parents of beautiful baby girl due this October! This was just the perfect day as we enter into fall photography! Lots of laughs and excitement filled the air. This adorable maternity shoot just set the season into full gear!

lindsay3 lindsay4 lindsay5lindsay6 lindsay7 lindsay8 lindsay9 lindsay10

Stephanie + David

We are never to old to play dress up, right? Meet David and Stephanie. They are some of the most generous, thoughtful and compassionate hearts around Tacoma. They are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year and wanted to do something unique and fun!

So they decided to go to an amazing costume shop in Tacoma and picked out two fantastic outfits for a late 1800s look. They rented out the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad museum. The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad is a steam-powered heritage railroad operating in Washington State between Elbe and Mineral.  We got to have private access with the iconic Polson 70 Locomotive out on the railroad tracks and access to the Rod House and House of Gears where other timeless trains were located.This anniversary shoot was such a blast! The Guptill’s are full of joy and deep adoration for each other, which made for easy models! Happy Anniversary Stephanie and David!

gup2 gup3 gup4 gup5 gup6 gup7 gup8 gup9 gup10 gup11 gup12 gup13 gup14 gup15 gup16 gup17 gup18 gup19

Charlie Morgan

Tacoma, WA

Charlie Morgan was born on February 28, 2014. Charlie was just 5 days old in these newborn pictures and entered a world with two older siblings ready to embrace his new life! He was a little fussy, but courageous and very handsome! Congratulations Butela family!

charlie1 charlie2 charlie3 charlie4 charlie5

Cullinane Maternity

Vashon, WA

Aly and DJ are expecting a little girl mid-April! This precious baby girl will be named Kennedy Rae. I am so excited to meet her once she is here and hope to do some newborn shots! We planned this photo shoot on Presidents Day this last week. I was nervous we were going to have to re-schedule because the weather was so horrible! The day before was very stormy and poured all day! Yet as the morning came, we had a window of time where it cleared out for some cold, but clear weather! So we ventured out on the beautiful winter beaches of Vashon Island where our family beach homes are located. Isn’t Aly a hot mama?!

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