The Art of Being Book Design

My husband wrote a book this year! This was a really fun project with being able to design the cover, do the book layout and formatting and social media promotional. Here is a little snip-bit about the book:

What is the good life? What is our ultimate aim as humans? What is the end to which we are created?

These are the questions that each of us have to answer to be able to draw lifelong meaning and purpose. Yet they are also questions that constantly bombard us in our everyday scrolling as edenic-like images beckon us to do more, be better and work harder so that we can project an identity in the midst of a chaotic world.

What if there was another invitation in the midst of our cultural moment? An invitation that is not merely something unique to our modern world but in uniformity with the ages of the past from a story about our shared origins in opening pages of the biblical scriptures. A misunderstood story from our ancestors that invites us to just….be.

A countercultural invitation to form our lives to a different end. To a life patterned and postured around the presence of God, injected into the everyday rhythms and routines of life. The everpresent invitation of our true Father to find purpose in His Presence.

If you are interested in picking up a copy or for more inside layout details, you can find it here on Amazon – shipping available worldwide.

Rest in the Moment Book

Seattle, WA

I have had the great privilege to work with Christine Sine on her upcoming book of reflections that was just published, called Rest in the Moment. I had a lot of fun creating the graphics for her to go a long with her writing. She has a lot of fun elements that she adds in each section that made this book very interactive. I think this is a wonderful book to consider using as a devotional during the Easter season. It is a compilation of some of the best Monday meditations from her blog, Godspace arranged in a form that invites you to rest, refresh and renew. The twelve meditations in this book are designed to provide moments of refreshment. It is now available on Amazon in print and soon will be available on Kindle. Get a copy today!

Christmas Graphics

Seattle, WA

For those of you in the church world, Christmas starts way before December. For most, preparation and brainstorming begins in the summer…or earlier. Planning for this month takes a lot of effort and time with the various events and experiences that go on. Cascade Community was on the same boat and we had been working on these for a while, tweaking as they went with ideas that blossomed. We ended with a fun watercolor theme for all of their events in December. Below is a small view of some pieces of  the Christmas media that I put together for their team, including a DVD cover.

The Safe King Book Cover Art

Seattle, WA

This was a really fun project. Follow Me, Dr. Jan D. Hettinga’s first book, has a fresh new look! Recently published by Faith Happenings, The Safe King: Finding in Jesus the Leader You Can Trust  now has an updated cover, title as well as fresh editing. I was able to help him out with new cover art and jacket with some promotional banners and stickers. Check it out on Amazon books and download to your Kindle!

TheSafeKing_CoverArtTheSafeKing_CoverArtTheSafeKing_300x250 TheSafeKing_600x100 TheSafeKing_728x90