Baby Bree

Puyallup, WA

Bree Willow was born last month on August 3rd. She was quite happy in her momma’s tummy, being a solid two weeks late! But she made her debut and what a beauty she is! Bree was born 7lbs 11oz, and 21 inches long and well loved. Her mom has been one of my oldest friends, and I am so thrilled for Kay and Ryan as they enter into new territory as parents with this gorgeous little girl! They are doing an incredible job and it is so fun to see this stage of life. Welcome to the world baby Bree! I am so excited to watch you grow over the years!

Baby Sage

Seattle, WA

Welcome to the world beautiful Sage! The arrival of a new baby is always so exciting; a baby born during the covid-19 season seems even more special. They represent a promise of new life, hope and love. These tiny little humans continue to give us joy in unprecedented times. Sage was nothing short of that with her calm and peaceful presence. Her big blue eyes gleam with new life and wonder. Her family has anxiously awaited her arrival and even though big sis had a little harder time, she sweetly doted on her too. What a precious girl you are, little Sage! We all already love you so!

Baby Archer

Gig Harbor, WA

A few years ago I shot newborn photos for the Chang Family when their daughter Madeleine was born. Julia and Lee just welcomed their third child, Archer to the family a little less than a month ago! So I took a trip to their home in Gig Harbor to photograph Archer and their family while relatives were visiting. I had such a fun time catching up, seeing the growth of their kids and meeting little Archer! I just L-O-V-E newborns! There is nothing like a fresh baby and I was so privileged be part of their day last week. Welcome to the world baby Archer!

Little Abram is 6 Months!

Seattle, WA

My baby is growing up. This milestone was complete with two bottom teeth popping out, almost being able to sit by himself with out toppling over, big giggles, lots of spit, his first airplane ride, two trips out of the state, lots of push ups, transition to his crib, sleeping in the same room as his big brother and is he a chatter box. I just can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when real words come out. He will be one of those kids that have a question for EVERYTHING. His rolls are kind of starting to fade and it’s making me really emotional. Stop time. Stay little! Why do you grow up so quick?!

My Abe, Abe the babe, baby Abe-ie, Abram Lynn – I love you so!

Abram Newborn

I am very late to the game (3 months) to post the newborn photos of our new baby boy – Abram Lynn who was born August 6th.

Names have power. There is something to a name that gets to the core of who we are. A name comes loaded with meaning, history and the bestowers hopes for who they are naming. Trevor and I have worked hard to pray, seek the Lord and discern who we believe each of our sons original designs. By original design we mean discovering how God has intended our little one to be before we have met him or her face-to-face. We believe God forms all little one’s innate with personality and possibilities that we can discover while they are still in the womb. So with this we came to Abram Lynn for our new boys name.

Abram – Early on in the story of the bible we are introduced to one of the key figures…Abram or later known as Abraham. Before God’s people were a multi-ethnic global family they were a nation (Israel) and before this they were a family line stemming from the person of Abram. When Abram steps on the scene the world is a mess. Rebellion, destruction and sin had been the dominant theme in the early chapters of Genesis as God’s creation attempted to “make a name for ourselves (Gen. 11:4)” apart from their creator. But out of nowhere in the midst of rebellion came on the scene one who would faithfully respond to God’s call.

We do not know much about Abram’s backstory before Genesis 12 but nonetheless his response to God is nothing but remarkable. God gives Abram a call to “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Gen. 12:1-3).” Out of nowhere Abram is given a call to leave all he has ever known with a promise that God would be the one to personally “make your name great (Gen. 12:2)” and that ALL people on earth will be blessed through this man’s call. With this all we are told is that “Abram went, as the Lord had told him (Gen. 12:4).” We aren’t let into his internal wrestling or how he came to the decision to go but that he went. And with this decision of faith came a decision that would have ramifications for all people and would cement Abram/Abraham’s legacy as one of the greats of our faith.

Lynn – Lynn was Trevor’s late father’s first name. His father would pass away dramatically a month before Trevor was to start his freshman year of college as he would quickly develop pneumonia that became septic, attacking many of his vital organs and eventually taking his life. Abram’s birth is a little more than seven years since his father’s passing.

Trevor’s dad was the hardest worker he knew. Growing up with his dad passing away when he was young and his mom an immigrant from Japan who barely knew any english, he had to fight and earn much of what he had in this life. His work ethic came out as he walked on at WSU for football, paid his own way through college to get his degree in Landscape architecture, started his own architecture firm at 27 (that he would run until the day he died), coached and never missed one sporting event of this three sons and made tremendous sacrifices to get his sons through college so that they could have better starts then he did. Trevor’s dad was/is one of our hero’s and one of Trevor’s greatest inspirations. And with this we saw it fitting to name our son Abram Lynn.

We do not know what the future holds for little Abram Lynn but one thing we do know is that he carries the name and legacy of two great men who paved the way for many to discover the fullness of life in the human experience. Our prayer is that all of his days he would carry these names as a part of his identity and that he would even become half the men these two were….because even that would mean he turned out a great man.

Ephraim 7 Months

Seattle, WA

There have been a lot of changes around our house hold the past month. Ephraim has started to venture into eating solid foods, he has grown into a master crawler and as of last week has been pulling himself up onto everything! Which has unfortunately lead to a few bumps and bruises, hence the Harry Potter bruise below. We don’t photoshop the real life things around here. ephraim7mo_1 ephraim7mo_2
ephraim7mo_4 ephraim7mo_5 ephraim7mo_6 ephraim7mo_7 ephraim7mo_8
ephraim7mo_10 ephraim7mo_11 ephraim7mo_12 ephraim7mo_13 ephraim7mo_14 ephraim7mo_15 ephraim7mo_16

Ephraim’s 5 Month

Seattle, WA

We moved, we had weddings almost every weekend this month and in between that I almost forgot to do his 5 month photos. Since he is my main subject these days, I thought I’d delight you in a few of his many faces. Ephraim is growing like a weed and each day I try my best to just soak in the moments to cuddle and take in every inch of his baby phase! I feel like next time I blink he will be walking.

Ephraim found his voice this month. Scream talking and letting us know every detail of his day has become the new routine. Giggles, screeches and jabber. He observes every little detail and I love watching him explore the world and people around him. He hams it up with all the ladies and likes to gently rough house with the boys. He is flipping and rolling all across the room and starting to scoot in his walker. Happy 5 Months little E!

Ephraim5mo_2 Ephraim5mo_3Ephraim5mo_4 Ephraim5mo_5 Ephraim5mo_6

Jude Elliot

Eugene, Oregon.

Meet Jude Elliot! His name means “praise God” and indeed he is a little miracle we thank Jesus for! Jude was born on May 1st weighing 5lbs and 7 oz. Now, Jude is just over 6 weeks and just hitting 8lbs! Woo hoo, GO JUDE (and the work of your awesome mom)!

The last few weeks we have been in Portland and I was able to swing down to Eugene to visit his awesome parents, Aaron and Bethany.  While there I snapped a few photos of this precious boy while catching up with his momma.  Welcome to the world Jude, we love you immensely already.

Jude_2 Jude_3 Jude_4 Jude_5 Jude_6 Jude_7 Jude_8 Jude_9 Jude_10 Jude_11 Jude_12 Jude_13 Jude_14

Ephraim’s 2 Month Photos

Seattle, WA

Little E is now TWO months old! He has the biggest toothless grin and loves to laugh at mommy & daddy. He is very alert, interatcive and loves listening to us read and talk to him. He’s not much of a crier unless he’s hungry or wants to fall asleep and needs an extra cuddle to get cozy. Ephraim has also has surprised us by already sleeping through the night! Trevor and I are very thankful for this little man who brings us much joy!

E2mo_2E2mo_3 E2mo_4 E2mo_5E2mo_6 E2mo_7E2mo_8E2mo_9 E2mo_10E2mo_11 E2mo_12E2mo_13 E2mo_14