Ephraim is ONE Month!

Seattle, WA

My baby boy turned 1 month old today! I can’t believe the milestones are already happening.  Ephraim is a lot more social, locking eyes and starting to make fun noises accompanied by big grins or stink faces. Big stretches and deep snuggles after a full tummy from nursing are some of my favorite moments with baby E. Happy 1 month little man!

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Callen Jay

Tacoma, WA

I am so excited that my little one gets to grow up with this cutie! Callen was born on September 29th at 4:30pm weighing 7lb 5oz and 19.5inches long! There is no such sweeter thing than a new life. Welcome to the world Callen Jay, we all adore and love you so.

CallinNewBorn_2 CallinNewBorn_3 CallinNewBorn_4 CallinNewBorn_5 CallinNewBorn_6CallinNewBorn_7 CallinNewBorn_8 CallinNewBorn_9 CallinNewBorn_10

Valentines Day Mini Session at Hello Cupcake!

Tacoma, WA

On February 15 take your Valentine out for a sweet treat and a mini photo session!

SESSION DETAILS: 20 minute session for Couples & Families / 2 photographers / 20-30 images / Next Day Delivery / 12-4PM Time Slots / Where: Hello Cupcake / Cost:$125

To book a session, contact Hilary at hellocompassarrow@gmail.com or fill out a contact form here.

This is a PERFECT gift to surprise your valentine or for an adorable children’s shoot!  Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity!

hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_1 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_2 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_3 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_4 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_5 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_6 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_7 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_8 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_9 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_10 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_11 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_12 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_13 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_14 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_15 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_16 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_17 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_18 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_19 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_20 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_21 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_22 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_23 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_24 hellocupcake_tacoma_photography_25

Newborn Madeleine

University Place, WA

Meet Madeleine. She was one of the most sweet spirited and calm baby I have photographed that was awake! Usually when I do newborn portraits I ask the mother to make sure their baby has just been fed and is about to or is dozed off if possible or if I can come during their nap time. It helps because they do not get frustrated or irritated when you are trying to situate them. Yet, Madeline was wide-eyed and ready. She made quite an adorable model and one that was ready for the camera! She will be rooted in French culture as her mother whispered french to her to sooth her and her room was decorated in lavender and Eiffel tower art. I loved it. It brought back memories of my time in France and Switzerland. I have missed this dialect and it made this precious time with her so much more fun! Welcome to the world Madeleine!newborn_Madeline newborn_Madeline_12 newborn_Madeline_11 newborn_Madeline_10 newborn_Madeline_9 newborn_Madeline_8 newborn_Madeline_7 newborn_Madeline_6 newborn_Madeline_5 newborn_Madeline_4 newborn_Madeline_3 newborn_Madeline_2 newborn_Madeline_1

Baby Layla


Puyallup, WA

Meet my adorable niece Layla! She was born right before my wedding last October. I actually was able to meet her for the very first time during the reception of our wedding when she was just a few days old!  She is such a gift to us! Words cannot express the joy of new life! Welcome Layla to the family! You’ll never experience a day where your family won’t be by your side. We love you!newborn_Layla_3newborn_Layla_4 newborn_Layla_2newborn_Layla_5 newborn_Layla_6newborn_Layla_8 newborn_Layla_7newborn_Layla

Olson Maternity Session

Tacoma, WA

Lindsay and Ture are proud soon-to-be parents of beautiful baby girl due this October! This was just the perfect day as we enter into fall photography! Lots of laughs and excitement filled the air. This adorable maternity shoot just set the season into full gear!

lindsay3 lindsay4 lindsay5lindsay6 lindsay7 lindsay8 lindsay9 lindsay10

Kennedy Rae

Tacoma, WA

Meet newborn Kennedy Rae! She was born in the early morning of April 24th and has been welcomed in with an abundance of love and joy! She weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. These were taken just a few days after she came home in her adorable chevron grey and coral themed room! She has already stolen quite a handful of hearts around here. Kennedy’s mom and dad are the perfect people to embrace her into this world! It was so fun/melt your heart to watch them with their new baby girl! So excited and happy for this precious little addition!  

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Charlie Morgan

Tacoma, WA

Charlie Morgan was born on February 28, 2014. Charlie was just 5 days old in these newborn pictures and entered a world with two older siblings ready to embrace his new life! He was a little fussy, but courageous and very handsome! Congratulations Butela family!

charlie1 charlie2 charlie3 charlie4 charlie5

Cullinane Maternity

Vashon, WA

Aly and DJ are expecting a little girl mid-April! This precious baby girl will be named Kennedy Rae. I am so excited to meet her once she is here and hope to do some newborn shots! We planned this photo shoot on Presidents Day this last week. I was nervous we were going to have to re-schedule because the weather was so horrible! The day before was very stormy and poured all day! Yet as the morning came, we had a window of time where it cleared out for some cold, but clear weather! So we ventured out on the beautiful winter beaches of Vashon Island where our family beach homes are located. Isn’t Aly a hot mama?!

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