Poster & Media for Cascade Church

I have been able to do some media pieces for Cascade Community Church in Monroe, WA these past few months. This one has been one of my favorites so far, so I thought I would blog about it. It pops and draws your eyes to the fun coloring. Below is the poster, slide and social media pieces.

11×17 Poster
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.20.09 PM

Slide for service announcements and TV mediaRiverBaptism_slide-0716-finalSocial Media Square and Facebook banner:

Marry Me Weekend 2015

Tacoma, WA

Marry Me Weekend is wild. This is my second year photographing for free at this event and this packed weekend is unforgettable! Life Center Church puts on an incredible weekend for a handful of couples (this year 8!) who want to get married and fully understand the commitment, but for various reasons, can not plan their ceremony. They offer a beautiful free ceremony, flowers, photography and small reception with cake for all the couples that partake in this weekend. Photographing these couples was a complete joy and I wish you all much happiness as you continue your life together in this new covenant and journey! Congratulations Marry Me Weekend Couples!


Forever Free

Happy Independence Day Weekend! I had such a blast photographing Life Center’s Forever Free Event. If you attended and had your photo taken by me, you can view all your images here. Also, if you book with me in the next two weeks (Ends July 18) you can receive 25% OFF any photography package! Get in touch today!



Montrouis, Haiti

I’ve been atrocious at posting anything about my last trip to Haiti. Here’s a little glimpse of a portrait session I did for an orphanage that was in the heart of the mountain region of Montrouis. This wasn’t United Hearts Orphanage – the main orphanage I did photo projects for. This place was a new development that has just begun and who has been in partnership with UHO where they have been able to do a lot of building projects for them. They asked me to do portraits here as well in hopes to possibly begin a sponsorship program for these children as well in the near future. This area was so stunning to see. Even though only 8 kids are displayed here, I was blessed to do portraits for 22 others as well.

During this trip, I also got to do one of my absolute favorite things : give them all a print of themselves! We took a surprisingly good (and cheap) mobile tiny printer with us, some photo paper and extra ink. I spent about four hours slowly printing out copies for each of the children and an extra copy for their records. Watching the joy on faces when they are given a picture of themselves is invaluable.

haiti1 haiti2 haiti3 haiti4 haiti5 haiti6 haiti7 haiti8 haiti9 haiti10

Haiti: United Hearts Orphanage

Montrouis, Haiti

I had the amazing opportunity to go to Haiti again a few months ago to help do media projects with my talented friend, Timothy Euken. The orphanage we stayed at truly touched our lives! I was able to do portraits of all the children and put together a book for future sponsorship in the States. United Hearts takes care of many young children that have either been abandoned or lost their parents. United Hearts also has a school during the day that’s soul purpose is to educate the orphans as well as children in the community that surrounds them. We also were able to put together this video below – take a moment to watch it and share it with friends!



Broken: A Call to Restore the House of Humanity

In 2012 my team and I from PhotogenX released the book, Broken: a call to restore the house of Humanity that uses the art of photography and writing to breathe life and dignity back into desperate situations across the world. From life in red light districts to war-torn nations, this book redefines how we as global citizens view “family” and “home,” and more importantly, how to bring forth restoration. Masterfully captured, Broken is a combination of stunning photography, prose, on the field stories, and concrete application that is designed to engage both the mind and the heart.

This book helps encompass my heart. Click on the book cover below to see the book in its entirety!BROKEN_Page_01

All proceeds from Broken go towards supporting the Kunene family of Swaziland. Featured in the book for their unparalleled faith and generosity, parents Petros and Elizabeth welcomed seven AIDS orphans (in addition to their eight biological kids) into their home and into their hearts. The support from Broken helps them cover living costs and allows the children to attend school.