Chasing Snow

Snoqualmie, WA


My husband and I really enjoy exploring. This past weekend I was really desiring to see some snow and go play around in the woods, so we headed to North Bend and Snoqualmie area. The coolest thing about living in Tacoma, is that you are right on the water and a quick drive to the mountains. Makes for a lot of fun adventures and beautiful scenary in whatever season. I usually try to convince everyone I like to move here, because I just have so much adoration for this, place plus having all your friends in one place is kind of nice.

Adventures with my husband tend to lead to lots of frames of Trevor. He is such a sport though and puts up with me. Plus, he is just the most handsome man alive so it’s only natural. AMEN?


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Baby Layla


Puyallup, WA

Meet my adorable niece Layla! She was born right before my wedding last October. I actually was able to meet her for the very first time during the reception of our wedding when she was just a few days old!  She is such a gift to us! Words cannot express the joy of new life! Welcome Layla to the family! You’ll never experience a day where your family won’t be by your side. We love you!newborn_Layla_3newborn_Layla_4 newborn_Layla_2newborn_Layla_5 newborn_Layla_6newborn_Layla_8 newborn_Layla_7newborn_Layla

Little Will

Tacoma, WA

Toddlers are hard to keep still, but they sure do love to play. Little William was great at sitting still for a few moments, but curiosity always sets in. I think his favorite was jumping around the cushioned chair and running around with his doting family inches behind waiting for their reactions. I love seeing the joy in children as they play and the curiosity that comes from their daily discovery of life.

toddlerportraits_family_jack_3 toddlerportraits_family_jack_4 toddlerportraits_family_jack_5 toddlerportraits_family_jack_6 toddlerportraits_family_jack_7 toddlerportraits_family_jack_8 toddlerportraits_family_jack_9 toddlerportraits_family_jack_10 toddlerportraits_family_jack_11

Johnson Family

Fircrest, WA

These guys are just the cutest. Unless your a mom, I don’t think you often understand the ordeal that goes into getting your family portrait done. Just to get kids dressed a lone, can be a tough job! Then the process of getting all kids to smile at the same time with out fighting or someone bursting into tears because their brother decided to squeeze their hand as hard as they could. Family photos can be  tough business.

But these guys were champions.

I had a lot of laughs going through these photos. The way kids smile or attempts to grin as big as they can, can be so hilarious and the Johnson bunch are adorable! I hope if you’re a mom, you can take joy in these. You know the process. You may be cringing to think of doing it with your own family. But at then end of the day, the photos and memories make everything worth it.
johnson2 johnson3 johnson4 johnson5 johnson6


Tacoma, WA

Meet the beautiful Leah from Gig Harbor High School! She is a Senior this year and we ventured downtown Tacoma for her Senior photo session. It was a beautiful crisp fall day and perfect for this shoot! Class of 2015 watch out!

hlh_1261 hlh_1285 hlh_1312 hlh_1342 hlh_1346 hlh_1353 hlh_1358 hlh_1362 hlh_1376 hlh_1438 hlh_1440 hlh_1459 hlh_1487 hlh_1512

Danica & Byron

Tacoma, WA

There is something to say about true love. You just see it shine in couples faces and these two are no exception. Such sweet spirits and beautiful people! I am happy to call these two friends and so excited for their upcoming wedding in March! Congratulations Danica & Byron!
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Senior: Kristen

A little glimpse of this Senior Portraits Session I did from last week! Kristen is a Senior at Curtis and has such a sweet spirit with an incredible laugh and smile! I had so much fun with her downtown Tacoma!
kristen2 kristen3 kristen4 kristen5 kristen6 kristen7 kristen8 kristen9 kristen10

Vancouver Ventures

Vancouver, BC

I am thankful to live just about three hours drive away from one of my favorite Canadians: Alida. I met Alida in Europe and we have been on some crazy adventures together since then across the globe. She is one of the wisest humans I know who has a heart for advocacy and justice. Not only that, but she has one of the most sincere, generous and creative hearts around. I was able to come visit her a few weeks ago and she showed me around her beautiful city!

vancouver2 vancouver3 vancouver4 vancouver5 vancouver6 vancouver7