Forever Free

Happy Independence Day Weekend! I had such a blast photographing Life Center’s Forever Free Event. If you attended and had your photo taken by me, you can view all your images here. Also, if you book with me in the next two weeks (Ends July 18) you can receive 25% OFF any photography package! Get in touch today!


Stephanie + David

We are never to old to play dress up, right? Meet David and Stephanie. They are some of the most generous, thoughtful and compassionate hearts around Tacoma. They are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year and wanted to do something unique and fun!

So they decided to go to an amazing costume shop in Tacoma and picked out two fantastic outfits for a late 1800s look. They rented out the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad museum. The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad is a steam-powered heritage railroad operating in Washington State between Elbe and Mineral.  We got to have private access with the iconic Polson 70 Locomotive out on the railroad tracks and access to the Rod House and House of Gears where other timeless trains were located.This anniversary shoot was such a blast! The Guptill’s are full of joy and deep adoration for each other, which made for easy models! Happy Anniversary Stephanie and David!

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Tacoma, WA

Meet my good friend Javie! We met in Switzerland a few years ago and have been to about a dozen countries together across Europe, the Pacific, Middle East and North America. He is an incredible human being and more men should followed his example and lead. It has been such a blast to spend time with him the past few weeks in Seattle and Canada! One of our good friends got married last weekend in BC and Javie was in the wedding party. So it has been fun to celebrate a friends union and country hop again with this guy! Javie is a talented musician and has a deep compassionate heart for the nations. He is one of those friends who you want to run with long-term and I am happy call him friend!

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Kennedy Rae

Tacoma, WA

Meet newborn Kennedy Rae! She was born in the early morning of April 24th and has been welcomed in with an abundance of love and joy! She weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. These were taken just a few days after she came home in her adorable chevron grey and coral themed room! She has already stolen quite a handful of hearts around here. Kennedy’s mom and dad are the perfect people to embrace her into this world! It was so fun/melt your heart to watch them with their new baby girl! So excited and happy for this precious little addition!  

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Kay & Secret Locations

I have been literally DYING to go venture here. I won’t lie to you, the amount of preconceived excitement and joy I had over this place is a little nutty/borderline obsessive. I saw an image randomly online on someone’s blog of this bridge and figured it had to be in Washington or Oregon because of the type of trees (and clear epic-ness of course). Weeks of asking around and researching went by before I figured out the name of the bridge through a brilliant friend! So with a small hint of the location, Kay and I hopped in my Subi and went on a hunt to find this place. Luckily, we didn’t get too lost and had a magical afternoon exploring one of Washington State’s best kept secrets.
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Charlie Morgan

Tacoma, WA

Charlie Morgan was born on February 28, 2014. Charlie was just 5 days old in these newborn pictures and entered a world with two older siblings ready to embrace his new life! He was a little fussy, but courageous and very handsome! Congratulations Butela family!

charlie1 charlie2 charlie3 charlie4 charlie5

Cullinane Maternity

Vashon, WA

Aly and DJ are expecting a little girl mid-April! This precious baby girl will be named Kennedy Rae. I am so excited to meet her once she is here and hope to do some newborn shots! We planned this photo shoot on Presidents Day this last week. I was nervous we were going to have to re-schedule because the weather was so horrible! The day before was very stormy and poured all day! Yet as the morning came, we had a window of time where it cleared out for some cold, but clear weather! So we ventured out on the beautiful winter beaches of Vashon Island where our family beach homes are located. Isn’t Aly a hot mama?!

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Montrouis, Haiti

I’ve been atrocious at posting anything about my last trip to Haiti. Here’s a little glimpse of a portrait session I did for an orphanage that was in the heart of the mountain region of Montrouis. This wasn’t United Hearts Orphanage – the main orphanage I did photo projects for. This place was a new development that has just begun and who has been in partnership with UHO where they have been able to do a lot of building projects for them. They asked me to do portraits here as well in hopes to possibly begin a sponsorship program for these children as well in the near future. This area was so stunning to see. Even though only 8 kids are displayed here, I was blessed to do portraits for 22 others as well.

During this trip, I also got to do one of my absolute favorite things : give them all a print of themselves! We took a surprisingly good (and cheap) mobile tiny printer with us, some photo paper and extra ink. I spent about four hours slowly printing out copies for each of the children and an extra copy for their records. Watching the joy on faces when they are given a picture of themselves is invaluable.

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