Rachel’s Senior Portraits at Bothell Landing Park

Bothell, Washington

Rachel is a senior this year at Snohomish High School, home of the mighty Panthers! Thankfully, she gets to attend in person for her last year of high school. She is part of the robotics team and has a heart of joy. It was a pleasure to be able to get to know her a bit during our session at Bothell Landing Park. It was a beautiful sunny day, as we are on the brisk of fall.

I look forward to seeing how she is going to impact the world! Congratulations, Rachel!

Always need to snap a few photos with mama during our sessions too! Aren’t they cute?!

Jono Senior Photos

Snohomish, WA

Jono is a Covid-19 graduate of the Class of 2021! He has a heart of gold, is wicked smart and a stunning smile! It was so fun to venture up to Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish to do his senior photos last month. He has had a huge interest in electronics and building robots, which he has lettered in with his team! I loved his patch on his letterman jacket for this year with the Covid-19 stamp. Even though they could not attend finals this year, where I am  sure they would be champions again – Jono made the most of it. Go Grizzlies!

Malcolm X said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  I am honored that Jono is one of the bright kids leading us into our future world. He is going to make this place a lot better and I am excited for what the future holds for him in his college and career prospects!  Jono’s life story is already unfolding into a beautiful start and what’s next is going to be even greater!

Graduation may look a little different this year – families and friends will gather for a toast remotely from a safe distance as students toss their caps collectively over the video chat. What a strange season. Regardless, graduation will always be a time to celebrate your favorite student’s accomplishments and the exciting things that lay ahead in their futures. Senior pictures don’t have to be put on hold, so book your session this week for a beautiful fall backdrop!


Seattle, WA

Tom asked me to do some portrait shots for him to have for his new book coming out this year. He told me he has never had so many photos taken of him! ha! The digital age is something else.

Snapping his head shots also made me realize, particularly in this time with the COVID-19 pandemic, how much we need to reach out and appreciate our elders. Go give them a squeeze if appropriate, ask if they need anything or give them a call. Even though it’s been a crazy time, appreciate slowing down, spending some quality time with your family and reaching out to those you love.

Emma Senior Photos

Sammamish, WA

Emma is a senior this year at Skyline High School in a suburb east of Seattle. She is actively involved in drama program there and is a bright student. She is full of grace and is wise beyond her years. I am excited to see what the future has for her! I enjoyed meeting up with her and her mom at a park near their home. The fall colors are starting to pop and I am reminded how much I love photographing during October!


Tacoma, WA

“A joyful heart is good medicine” – Proverbs 17:22.  This girl is one of my absolute favorite human beings. She is full of life and joy and can make me pee my pants laughing more than anyone I know. I haven’t done a portrait session since she visited me in Hawaii a few years ago and I was so excited to be able to do another one in Tacoma! Isn’t she one of the most gorgeous gals around? Inside and out. Love you Jen!
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Chasing Snow

Snoqualmie, WA


My husband and I really enjoy exploring. This past weekend I was really desiring to see some snow and go play around in the woods, so we headed to North Bend and Snoqualmie area. The coolest thing about living in Tacoma, is that you are right on the water and a quick drive to the mountains. Makes for a lot of fun adventures and beautiful scenary in whatever season. I usually try to convince everyone I like to move here, because I just have so much adoration for this, place plus having all your friends in one place is kind of nice.

Adventures with my husband tend to lead to lots of frames of Trevor. He is such a sport though and puts up with me. Plus, he is just the most handsome man alive so it’s only natural. AMEN?


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Tacoma, WA

Meet the beautiful Leah from Gig Harbor High School! She is a Senior this year and we ventured downtown Tacoma for her Senior photo session. It was a beautiful crisp fall day and perfect for this shoot! Class of 2015 watch out!

hlh_1261 hlh_1285 hlh_1312 hlh_1342 hlh_1346 hlh_1353 hlh_1358 hlh_1362 hlh_1376 hlh_1438 hlh_1440 hlh_1459 hlh_1487 hlh_1512

Kay & Secret Locations

I have been literally DYING to go venture here. I won’t lie to you, the amount of preconceived excitement and joy I had over this place is a little nutty/borderline obsessive. I saw an image randomly online on someone’s blog of this bridge and figured it had to be in Washington or Oregon because of the type of trees (and clear epic-ness of course). Weeks of asking around and researching went by before I figured out the name of the bridge through a brilliant friend! So with a small hint of the location, Kay and I hopped in my Subi and went on a hunt to find this place. Luckily, we didn’t get too lost and had a magical afternoon exploring one of Washington State’s best kept secrets.
kay2 kay3 kay4 kay5 kay6 kay7 kay8 kay9 kay10 kay11 kay12 kay13 kay14 kay15 kay16