Graphic Design & Creative Media

I would love to partner with your ministry or business and help develop a creative strategy and implementation to make your organization thrive. I specialize in working with churches & non-profits and have worked with mega churches over 5,000 people to small churches under 100. Size or money should not be the issue to a well branded identity, media, marketing and other creativity possibilities. I have also worked with numerous start up companies and organizations. If you have a need, I do my best to fulfill it with quality, excellence and affordability – no matter the size!

Check out some pieces from my online portfolio below or take a look at my Journal for more detailed and constant updates. I also have a large portfolio PRINTED. The best way to see a larger variety of work is to get together one-on-one to brainstorm creativity and ideas that best fit your needs. I do everything from WordPress web design, message series graphics, event ads, bulletins, posters, brochures, banners, logos, branding identity, books, devotionals, photography and more! Contact us today to set up an appointment or for a proposal estimate!

Questions? Contact me today for a detailed proposal and design consultation.