Authentic Japanese Sushi

Sendai, Japan

I would consider my self an avid fan of sushi. My husband on the other hand…well lets just say it was really hard to get him to steer away from chicken strips and fries. He was a trooper though when this plate was served to him when we ventured to Sendai City to visit family a few days into our honeymoon.  Sendai City is close to the sea so they are known for some of the best sushi in their region. It was a treat to be able to experience a Japanese cuisine with over a thousand year history and tradition.

One of my favorite things about sushi though is not just the taste, but the presentation.  Masters in Japan make each bite an experience of color, texture, and presentation on top of taste. Each piece we had was so unique and beautifully crafted! I had to snap a few shots before we dived in.

Sushi__Japan_2 Sushi_Japan_1


Although Japan is the top of authentic Sushi, I believe the Tacoma & Seattle area does a pretty amazing job as well. I love living in a city that is so diverse in culture and nationalities. We often get to experience various cultures at our doorstep. I try to be a little adventurous, but I can never turn down a good tuna roll or sashimi. What’s your favorite roll/piece?

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