Oberon’s Restaurant & Bar Menu Design

Ashland, Oregon

If you ever get a chance to head to Ashland, Oregon you will have to swing by Oberon’s Restaurant and Bar! Ashland is home of the Oregon Shakespeare festival and many shops and restaurants are themed after this. After you spend a beautiful afternoon in Lithia Park or catch a summer play, don’t miss an experience at this Shakespearean tavern inspired by a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Enjoy varieties of meat pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, artisan sausages and their notorious giant turkey leg. They are also known for their signature drinks and live music!

Under new ownership, they are starting to put out some changes just in time for the summer festivities! I was able to help design and put together their new menu. Check it out below!

Oberon_Menu_0516-1 Oberon_Menu_0516-2

Mrs. Pickles

Seattle, WA

It is fun to see some of your work on grocery store shelves when you are doing your weekly shopping. Can’t help but grab a jar each time! I helped this pickle company with their logo and label creation and continued to make revisions as they have moved into different directions over the years. Watching this business grow has been such a joy! Pick up a jar of Mrs. Pickles at your local grocer or snag one online today! MrsPickles_Logo_green

IMG_1566_1 IMG_1781

Early Spring Graphic Items for Twin Oaks

Seattle, WA

Here are some various marketing pieces I have been able to do for Twin Oaks the past few months for their upcoming events and promotions.  Along side making promo graphics I also continue to keep their website and social media up to date. This has been a fun partnership! If your church or non-profit needs a graphic designer and marketing help, but can’t pay someone part or full time, contact me today about monthly packages that would best fit your needs.

Easter Promo & Slides:
Easter_TwinOaks_0316 Easter_TwinOaks_ScriptureSlide_0316 Easter_TwinOaks_servicetime

Spring Clean Up:

Upcoming Sermon Series:
Ephesians_TwinOaks_0316BlankTextSlide Ephesians_FacebookHeader MovementofGodSlide

Ephraim is ONE Month!

Seattle, WA

My baby boy turned 1 month old today! I can’t believe the milestones are already happening.  Ephraim is a lot more social, locking eyes and starting to make fun noises accompanied by big grins or stink faces. Big stretches and deep snuggles after a full tummy from nursing are some of my favorite moments with baby E. Happy 1 month little man!

Ephraim1month_2Ephraim1month_3Ephraim1month_4Ephraim1month_5 Ephraim1month_6Ephraim1month_7 Ephraim1month_8Ephraim1month_9 Ephraim1month_10Ephraim1month_11 Ephraim1month_12 Ephraim1month_13