The Safe King Book Cover Art

Seattle, WA

This was a really fun project. Follow Me, Dr. Jan D. Hettinga’s first book, has a fresh new look! Recently published by Faith Happenings, The Safe King: Finding in Jesus the Leader You Can Trust  now has an updated cover, title as well as fresh editing. I was able to help him out with new cover art and jacket with some promotional banners and stickers. Check it out on Amazon books and download to your Kindle!

TheSafeKing_CoverArtTheSafeKing_CoverArtTheSafeKing_300x250 TheSafeKing_600x100 TheSafeKing_728x90

Moffat Family

Gig Harbor, WA

“Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” – Brad Henry

Tony, Sage, Kyler & Kole are an adorable family who I have loved to photograph over the past few years. Kole is already TWO! I feel like it was just last summer when we did his one year photos. Of course, we scheduled the one day that it wasn’t 1,000 degrees out last August. The poor babes were shivering with runny noses from the wind. They all were champs though and did a great job smiling for the camera in between some play time.

moffatfamily2016_2 moffatfamily2016_4 moffatfamily2016_3moffatfamily2016_5 moffatfamily2016_6moffatfamily2016_7 moffatfamily2016_8moffatfamily2016_9 moffatfamily2016_10moffatfamily2016_11

Ephraim’s 5 Month

Seattle, WA

We moved, we had weddings almost every weekend this month and in between that I almost forgot to do his 5 month photos. Since he is my main subject these days, I thought I’d delight you in a few of his many faces. Ephraim is growing like a weed and each day I try my best to just soak in the moments to cuddle and take in every inch of his baby phase! I feel like next time I blink he will be walking.

Ephraim found his voice this month. Scream talking and letting us know every detail of his day has become the new routine. Giggles, screeches and jabber. He observes every little detail and I love watching him explore the world and people around him. He hams it up with all the ladies and likes to gently rough house with the boys. He is flipping and rolling all across the room and starting to scoot in his walker. Happy 5 Months little E!

Ephraim5mo_2 Ephraim5mo_3Ephraim5mo_4 Ephraim5mo_5 Ephraim5mo_6