Baby Layla


Puyallup, WA

Meet my adorable niece Layla! She was born right before my wedding last October. I actually was able to meet her for the very first time during the reception of our wedding when she was just a few days old!  She is such a gift to us! Words cannot express the joy of new life! Welcome Layla to the family! You’ll never experience a day where your family won’t be by your side. We love you!newborn_Layla_3newborn_Layla_4 newborn_Layla_2newborn_Layla_5 newborn_Layla_6newborn_Layla_8 newborn_Layla_7newborn_Layla

Little Will

Tacoma, WA

Toddlers are hard to keep still, but they sure do love to play. Little William was great at sitting still for a few moments, but curiosity always sets in. I think his favorite was jumping around the cushioned chair and running around with his doting family inches behind waiting for their reactions. I love seeing the joy in children as they play and the curiosity that comes from their daily discovery of life.

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