Tokyo Lights

Tokyo, Japan

Tonight, I have finally been able to go through our pictures from our honeymoon in Japan! Before the posts start rolling, I wanted to share one of our favorite experiences. When we were in Tokyo, Trevor’s cousin Hironori hooked us up with the most incredible hotels! We were right on the water of Tokyo Bay and our room overlooked the city. It was GORGEOUS. We also went on a dinner boat cruise with his family one of the nights, which was a blast! We had so much fun exploring Tokyo, meeting up with family and friends and unlocking some of Trevor’s heritage. Memories that will forever be tucked away in our hearts.


tokyo_Japan_sykline1 tokyo_Japan_sykline2 tokyo_Japan_sykline3

Newborn Madeleine

University Place, WA

Meet Madeleine. She was one of the most sweet spirited and calm baby I have photographed that was awake! Usually when I do newborn portraits I ask the mother to make sure their baby has just been fed and is about to or is dozed off if possible or if I can come during their nap time. It helps because they do not get frustrated or irritated when you are trying to situate them. Yet, Madeline was wide-eyed and ready. She made quite an adorable model and one that was ready for the camera! She will be rooted in French culture as her mother whispered french to her to sooth her and her room was decorated in lavender and Eiffel tower art. I loved it. It brought back memories of my time in France and Switzerland. I have missed this dialect and it made this precious time with her so much more fun! Welcome to the world Madeleine!newborn_Madeline newborn_Madeline_12 newborn_Madeline_11 newborn_Madeline_10 newborn_Madeline_9 newborn_Madeline_8 newborn_Madeline_7 newborn_Madeline_6 newborn_Madeline_5 newborn_Madeline_4 newborn_Madeline_3 newborn_Madeline_2 newborn_Madeline_1

Engaged over the holidays?

engagement_DanicaByron_15So you just got engaged? Congratulations, Mazel Tov, and all those other jubilant exclamations! You’re getting married!! The months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day are known as “engagement season” in the wedding industry. Now, it’s time to get down to business. Planning a wedding is a completely insane and an exciting undertaking. I planned my wedding in TWO months. (I can hear your gasps of shock now). With that, I learned a few things along the way that may be helpful to you.

  1. Talk with your significant other right away about the top 5 things that are MOST important to you.

For me and Trevor that was our venue, the amount of guests we had (275 – we didn’t want to leave any of our loved ones out and I have a giant family), my dress (can I get an “Amen” sisters?), our ceremony order of events and the photography & design (obviously). It’s important to figure these things out because once you come down to the end, you begin to realize what you should cut down on and not freak out about. Always reflect back to what was most important to you as a couple. Details are important, but you don’t want to have a melt down over something silly like the color of a napkin. Does it really matter that they are white instead of blush pink? Probably not, and it may save you money in the end.

  1. Talk about your budget as soon as possible.

How are you going to finance the wedding?  Will your parents be contributing? His parents? Grandparents? You and your groom? Get an idea of your total potential budget — this number will be key in the planning process. Ask these questions right away and figure out a realistic budget that you can give towards the wedding. Once you understand this, then take some time together to make a quick excel sheet to budget out how much money can go to what category. (This also helps when you know your top 5 priorities). Then you can realistically see how much you can give towards each category.

  1. Set A Date

Do get an idea early on from your families about any date conflicts — college graduation, milestone birthdays and family vacations can all potentially interfere with your dream wedding date. However, remember it is also your day, so you can’t please everyone’s schedules. The earlier you have a date locked down, the easier it is to start planning. You can send out your ‘Save the Dates’ sooner, booking venues and vendors and starting making a timeline for yourself of when things need to be done.

  1. Contact Vendors

Don’t reach out to vendors until you have at least a ballpark idea of your budget and the day you choose to get married. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford. If your wedding budget is $20,000, and the site rental fee of the venue you love is $10,000 (before food and beverage), it’s probably not going to work. And if your favorite photographer starts at $10,000 and your budget is $3,000, don’t expect she’s going to “discount” her services to meet your budget. However, don’t be afraid to tell a vendor that you love his/her work and ask if they have recommendations in your price range or if they have packages that my better fit your budget.

  1. Start Your Pinning!

Start the planning and brainstorming phase. It is a fantastic way to share your vision, style and aesthetic with your vendors. I know this has helped me exponentially when clients have tried to explain what type of design they want for Save the Dates or Invitations I have designed for them or even various poses they may want to achieve on their wedding day. Pictures are often the best way to communicate when you do not have a creative background. Showing me a design you love versus “well i think i want a rustic yellow feel”, can save us both so much time and we can compliment it that best fits your personality.

  1. Pick your Best Man/Maid of Honor, but hold off on the wedding party.

You probably already know who will be your right hand gal on your wedding day, so do something nice for them to tell them that you want them by your side as soon as possible. However, don’t ask all your wedding party to be bridesmaids right away. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, such as your budget (all of those bouquets, gifts and even wardrobe can add up!).

  1. Amazon will be your best friend.

If you don’t have prime, may be good to invest in it this year.  Two day free shipping with loads of goods to search? Yes, please. I think I saved about $1,000 dollars because of the amount of things I was able to find off Amazon verses a party supply or rental vendor. You can find just about anything on there. Etsy is great too, but beware of vendors that have horrible customer service or shipping times. I ordered something from there with plenty of time in advance and didn’t get it until AFTER my wedding, which was a loss of money and frustration.

  1. Purchase your dress at least 1 month before your wedding.

You may have found your dream dress, but I had no idea how long it would take to get alterations. I had a lot of custom work done on my dress, so it did take longer than average. Plan for at least 1-2 months for alterations depending on your seamstress. Remember to also factor in a budget for alterations in your dress category. They can range from $100-700+ for alterations alone. I never would have even considered that as part of the budget when I initially bought my dress. So when you are looking at price tags, safely budget in a few hundred on top of the price so you are not completely shocked later on.

  1. Start an address list in excel

Start collecting addresses and a guest list as soon as possible. Put it all in excel so when you are ready to print out invites or save the dates you can have your designer or printer easily put addresses on envelopes. This will save you HOURS of work than if you were to hand write everything. Plus, you will have a list already formed for your thank you’s! This was probably one of the hardest tasks for us. Luckily, I have a husband who loves organizing things like this, so he happily accepted the job.

  1. Ask others for help & delegate

You will be surprised how many people will be waiting to be given a job or who desire to help you. Remember that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Also your fiance will be waiting for you to tell them how they can help. Often guys, don’t have a clue about things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let them in on it. Make sure to include your fiance in on the process and create ways he can help out too. Throw a craft party one night to help do decorations or a envelope stuffing one night to help stuff invites or save that dates. This will relieve your stress and make an easy wedding come to be!

If you have any other questions or concerns, I would love to help give some guidance! Comment on this post or send me an e-mail at I would also love to show you photography packages for your engagement or wedding day, fine-art album options and custom graphic design for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Enjoy this season! Take it slow and remember to breath! Your day will be beautiful even with a few hiccups.

Baby Layla


Puyallup, WA

Meet my adorable niece Layla! She was born right before my wedding last October. I actually was able to meet her for the very first time during the reception of our wedding when she was just a few days old!  She is such a gift to us! Words cannot express the joy of new life! Welcome Layla to the family! You’ll never experience a day where your family won’t be by your side. We love you!newborn_Layla_3newborn_Layla_4 newborn_Layla_2newborn_Layla_5 newborn_Layla_6newborn_Layla_8 newborn_Layla_7newborn_Layla