Kelly & Bobby’s Engagement

Seattle, WA

Bobby & Kelly met at a Relay for Life event a few years ago and have never looked back. I love this quote from Ann Landers, I believe it describes Kelly & Bobby’s relationship well.  “Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses”. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in August! Congratulations Kelly & Bobby!

Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_1 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_2 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_4 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_5 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_6 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_7 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_8 Engagementportraits_engaged_seattle_bobbykelly_9


Yamagata City, Japan

Yamadera, literally means “mountain temple” in Japanese. It  is an impressive scenic sight extended high up into a mountainside with steps that carve into the hills with scattered temples throughout the journey UP. We climbed over 1,000 steep steps until we reached the very top! There are great views down onto the valley that make the climb worth it though, plus the unique architecture. We went in October, so the foliage was spectacular. The distant mountains bursting with red, pink, brown, yellow and evergreen just took my breath away.

Japan_Temple_1 Japan_Temple_2 Japan_Temple_3 Japan_Temple_4 Japan_Temple_5 Japan_Temple_6 Japan_Temple_7 Japan_Temple_8

Tokyo Lights

Tokyo, Japan

Tonight, I have finally been able to go through our pictures from our honeymoon in Japan! Before the posts start rolling, I wanted to share one of our favorite experiences. When we were in Tokyo, Trevor’s cousin Hironori hooked us up with the most incredible hotels! We were right on the water of Tokyo Bay and our room overlooked the city. It was GORGEOUS. We also went on a dinner boat cruise with his family one of the nights, which was a blast! We had so much fun exploring Tokyo, meeting up with family and friends and unlocking some of Trevor’s heritage. Memories that will forever be tucked away in our hearts.


tokyo_Japan_sykline1 tokyo_Japan_sykline2 tokyo_Japan_sykline3

Newborn Madeleine

University Place, WA

Meet Madeleine. She was one of the most sweet spirited and calm baby I have photographed that was awake! Usually when I do newborn portraits I ask the mother to make sure their baby has just been fed and is about to or is dozed off if possible or if I can come during their nap time. It helps because they do not get frustrated or irritated when you are trying to situate them. Yet, Madeline was wide-eyed and ready. She made quite an adorable model and one that was ready for the camera! She will be rooted in French culture as her mother whispered french to her to sooth her and her room was decorated in lavender and Eiffel tower art. I loved it. It brought back memories of my time in France and Switzerland. I have missed this dialect and it made this precious time with her so much more fun! Welcome to the world Madeleine!newborn_Madeline newborn_Madeline_12 newborn_Madeline_11 newborn_Madeline_10 newborn_Madeline_9 newborn_Madeline_8 newborn_Madeline_7 newborn_Madeline_6 newborn_Madeline_5 newborn_Madeline_4 newborn_Madeline_3 newborn_Madeline_2 newborn_Madeline_1