Marry Me Weekend Highlights

Tacoma, WA

This weekend, July 18 & 19, Life Center was offering free wedding ceremonies for couples who want to get married, but lack the resources or for various reasons can not plan their own wedding. Thirteen couples participated in this offering which includes a ceremony performed by one of Life Center’s pastors, wedding cake, flowers, live music, a classic car and of course, photography. Sessions of marriage counseling were required to participate, which was also provided at no charge.

As a church that wants to be known for what they are for, rather than what they are against, Life Center is offering this solution to couples who are ready for marriage and fully understand the commitment. It was such an honor and crazy-fun filled time being able to photograph all of these weddings! I think this weekend will go down in the record books for me!

Here are a few highlights that I wanted to share tonight and look forward to showing more in the upcoming weeks! Congratulations to all of the Marry Me Weekend Couples!!

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First Glimpse

Glendive, Montana

Carly and Kaleb were married last weekend on July 12th. It was such an honor to photograph their wedding! Their first look was probably one of THE sweetest moments I have shot so far in my career. So of course, I had to blog about it first thing. It has been fun shifting through some of their photos and I am very excited to share with you all more soon from this glorious day! Congratulations Carly and Kaleb!


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Vancouver Ventures

Vancouver, BC

I am thankful to live just about three hours drive away from one of my favorite Canadians: Alida. I met Alida in Europe and we have been on some crazy adventures together since then across the globe. She is one of the wisest humans I know who has a heart for advocacy and justice. Not only that, but she has one of the most sincere, generous and creative hearts around. I was able to come visit her a few weeks ago and she showed me around her beautiful city!

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