Kennedy Rae

Tacoma, WA

Meet newborn Kennedy Rae! She was born in the early morning of April 24th and has been welcomed in with an abundance of love and joy! She weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. These were taken just a few days after she came home in her adorable chevron grey and coral themed room! She has already stolen quite a handful of hearts around here. Kennedy’s mom and dad are the perfect people to embrace her into this world! It was so fun/melt your heart to watch them with their new baby girl! So excited and happy for this precious little addition!  

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Kay & Secret Locations

I have been literally DYING to go venture here. I won’t lie to you, the amount of preconceived excitement and joy I had over this place is a little nutty/borderline obsessive. I saw an image randomly online on someone’s blog of this bridge and figured it had to be in Washington or Oregon because of the type of trees (and clear epic-ness of course). Weeks of asking around and researching went by before I figured out the name of the bridge through a brilliant friend! So with a small hint of the location, Kay and I hopped in my Subi and went on a hunt to find this place. Luckily, we didn’t get too lost and had a magical afternoon exploring one of Washington State’s best kept secrets.
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Dance With Me

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The framework Leah and Josh used to plan the wedding revolved around using local business and small companies to help support Lancaster’s local industries. Their families wanted to sow into people they believed in and partner with them. The main venue they chose was called The Hamilton Club. “We chose this venue because of the character and history it has within the city. We loved the unique rooms, the in home feel, and the intimacy of the space. I fell in love with the Crystal Ballroom due to the impressive chandelier which reminded me of growing up in my parents lightening showroom at their business. The entire event at the Hamilton would not have been possible if Cynthia, the events coordinator, wasn’t there. Cynthia encouraged our creativity and personalized touches. The Chef and staff worked through our international dessert menu and executed each item with perfection!”

Leah had two gorgeous dresses for the reception and actual wedding day on Sunday. Both were hand crafted and fit her perfectly! “The fabric was one of the most important things for me in regard to planning the wedding. Since Josh has always wanted to wear a tail coat for his wedding I knew we had to go for a more formal attire. After trying on dresses at a lovely local bridal shop I realized I couldn’t just pick something of the rack. I needed to be a part of the process to make the statement of the dress. I knew a local seamstress who was up for the task: Sandy Hoover. Her sewing house sits on top of a hill deep in southern Lancaster country with a breath taking view. We sat for hours patching together patterns, sketching, and determining shapes and drapes. There was always a helpful consultation from the family member passing through. We settled on a pattern for the bridesmaid dresses that was inspired by Badgely Mischaka and a wedding dress pattern that was a takeoff of The Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelley and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s dresses. Once we had the styles determined, I had to find the fabric. Sandy and I first traveled to Philadelphia to look on fabric row. The first store we went into had the lace. As the shop keeper unrolled the bolt the depth and richness of the textures took by breath away. It was an easy purchase knowing that the dress bodice would have a matching veil trim.”

“A few weeks later I grabbed a train to New York and prayed the Seventh Avenue would produce its wonders. A dear friend who is a costumer for theater in NYC met me. Ashley and I worked together in Haiti and always shared a love of all things fabric. She helped me picked the purple netted tulle for Friday night from Diana’s. The atmosphere of the store was incredibly familiar in that a variety of African languages, French, and Arabic were being spoken with young men being sent around the city to gather the perfect bolt. Purple has always been a favorite colour and I feel in love with the movement and texture of the fabric. Ashley was the inspiration behind how to layer the silver tulle to give the desired effect. In the end I felt like a designed a dress that has inspirations from around the world yet fit into our formal attire. The final lot of fabric was purchased at the iconic Promenade Fabric in New Orleans. Not surprisingly NOLA has great taste for fabrics with most of the year spent in costume. During a visit to the shop with my cousins I feel in love with the selection. I settled on the silk dupioni for my dress skirting as it played with the light and had a rustic feel. We also purchased the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses there. The legendary owner sold us the fabric with stories of his couture past”.

Leah and Josh love to dance together. Friday was full of it – in the streets, on top of garages, during the reception and of course, they dance through life joyfully. Leah even crafted her dress so it twirls beautifully and eloquently! During their first dance, this couple danced to “ A Kiss to Build A Dream On” by Louis Armstrong. “We choose this song as we both have a love of jazz from this era. I also had the pleasure of living in New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz and Louis. When we first met I told Josh when he was quite persistent that he should kiss me that I wanted to wait to start because I knew it would be a habit I couldn’t stop (loose quote from F.Scott Fitzgerald). Needless, to say we have become quite versed in this habituation and have built dreams upon it.”

So here’s to dancing through life together and starting to build more dreams together!
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