Cullinane Maternity

Vashon, WA

Aly and DJ are expecting a little girl mid-April! This precious baby girl will be named Kennedy Rae. I am so excited to meet her once she is here and hope to do some newborn shots! We planned this photo shoot on Presidents Day this last week. I was nervous we were going to have to re-schedule because the weather was so horrible! The day before was very stormy and poured all day! Yet as the morning came, we had a window of time where it cleared out for some cold, but clear weather! So we ventured out on the beautiful winter beaches of Vashon Island where our family beach homes are located. Isn’t Aly a hot mama?!

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Montrouis, Haiti

I’ve been atrocious at posting anything about my last trip to Haiti. Here’s a little glimpse of a portrait session I did for an orphanage that was in the heart of the mountain region of Montrouis. This wasn’t United Hearts Orphanage – the main orphanage I did photo projects for. This place was a new development that has just begun and who has been in partnership with UHO where they have been able to do a lot of building projects for them. They asked me to do portraits here as well in hopes to possibly begin a sponsorship program for these children as well in the near future. This area was so stunning to see. Even though only 8 kids are displayed here, I was blessed to do portraits for 22 others as well.

During this trip, I also got to do one of my absolute favorite things : give them all a print of themselves! We took a surprisingly good (and cheap) mobile tiny printer with us, some photo paper and extra ink. I spent about four hours slowly printing out copies for each of the children and an extra copy for their records. Watching the joy on faces when they are given a picture of themselves is invaluable.

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Tacoma, WA

Autumn is here! For the Northwest, that means the tree’s start changing into fiery colors. So where we lack in sunlight, the tree’s make up for it with their vibrancy! Lynnéa is a spirited person full of compassion. She is currently an intern at Life Center. Native to these lands, she fits in well here and embraces these rustic streets. We did a little photo shoot on the hilltop today and had fun in this crisp weather!l1 l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 l7 l8 l9