Christmas Graphics

Seattle, WA

For those of you in the church world, Christmas starts way before December. For most, preparation and brainstorming begins in the summer…or earlier. Planning for this month takes a lot of effort and time with the various events and experiences that go on. Cascade Community was on the same boat and we had been working on these for a while, tweaking as they went with ideas that blossomed. We ended with a fun watercolor theme for all of their events in December. Below is a small view of some pieces of  the Christmas media that I put together for their team, including a DVD cover.

Schertzinger Family

Seattle, WA

This week was the close of all the mini-sessions and next week I will post some more as Christmas cards start filling mail boxes. Today, I wanted to feature the Schertzinger family who were the last session this month. What a day to end it off with all the rain and snow yesterday! We truly have entered winter. The Schertzinger’s braved the weather and still made some memories happen! We went to Bothell Landing Park which is full of beautiful trees, a unique bridge and a winding river. Despite the weather, the girls had happy smiles and the eldest, Lily, just kept saying how much she loved her parents. The cute factor was full force.

schertzingerfamily-1schertzingerfamily-2 schertzingerfamily-3schertzingerfamily-4 schertzingerfamily-6 schertzingerfamily-5schertzingerfamily-7 schertzingerfamily-9 schertzingerfamily-8schertzingerfamily-10 schertzingerfamily-11

Ephraim 7 Months

Seattle, WA

There have been a lot of changes around our house hold the past month. Ephraim has started to venture into eating solid foods, he has grown into a master crawler and as of last week has been pulling himself up onto everything! Which has unfortunately lead to a few bumps and bruises, hence the Harry Potter bruise below. We don’t photoshop the real life things around here. ephraim7mo_1 ephraim7mo_2
ephraim7mo_4 ephraim7mo_5 ephraim7mo_6 ephraim7mo_7 ephraim7mo_8
ephraim7mo_10 ephraim7mo_11 ephraim7mo_12 ephraim7mo_13 ephraim7mo_14 ephraim7mo_15 ephraim7mo_16