PNW Backyard Wedding of Zac & Kim

Zac and Kim were troopers last year, dealing with the many ups and downs of covid-19 and trying to plan a wedding! Yet, this day turned out beautifully. The day was laced with sunflowers, happy tears and bright decor. Many friends and family helped make this day special – with delightful curated food, handmade decor and fresh flowers in a woodsy backyard. This was the absolute sweetest non-traditional Pacific Northwest backyard wedding in Washington.

Even though it was not what they originally planned for, their day was laidback, heartfelt, and so beautifully meaningful. For the ceremony, they were married in Zac’s childhood church and walked down the aisle to an arbor full of sunflowers. Then guests were invited back to a small reception which was very sweet, and guests enjoyed charming toasts and food.

I am very late to posting the big day from 2020, but cheers to the happy couple! If you are interested in viewing their engagement photos – take a peak here!

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