Lin Family Mini Shoot

Seattle, WA

Piper has become a good friend and role-model when it comes to motherhood. She and Gary have four beautiful little children. Her littlest is a little younger than Ephraim, which has made for some fun play dates. This past year has been so fun to get to know their adorable little family more. Last December we ventured to the UW library on a foggy morning and around the common ground to do a quick mini-shoot – because how else can you keep young ones attention for more than 20 minutes? Good job Lin family!

Little Will

Tacoma, WA

Toddlers are hard to keep still, but they sure do love to play. Little William was great at sitting still for a few moments, but curiosity always sets in. I think his favorite was jumping around the cushioned chair and running around with his doting family inches behind waiting for their reactions. I love seeing the joy in children as they play and the curiosity that comes from their daily discovery of life.

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